I have been fortunate to work with a broad spectrum of analysts covering a wide variety of markets and from many different analyst firms, including Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Horses for Sources, ALM/Kennedy, and Ovum.  I create analyst briefing decks and regularly guide my business stakeholders through the analyst briefing process.  I believe in taking a long-term, relationship-building approach that uses the analyst community as a sounding board in the development of positioning & messaging.  I seek to bring analyst influencers from awareness to advocacy and to take advantage of the wide-angled view they enjoy of the markets and the competition to hone our go-to-market approach.  For the IoT business at Cognizant, my leadership resulted in notable wins in the 2015 Horses for Sources IoT Service Provider Blueprint and the ALM/Kennedy IoT Consulting Provider Vanguard.